Configured with up to nine different chemistries without changing the footprint. Chemical handling is controlled through a user friendly touch screen interface. Sample lines are coaxial to meet EHS requirements.

Additional Info

Data logging can be accomplished onboard the controller, or any PC compatible laptop can be used to capture the ASCII data string through a DB9 connector, which provides serial communication output.

Small footprint allows for easy storage in fab areas.

Equipped with conductive (static reducing) and chemically resistant wheels.

Onboard air cooler assuring correct input temperature of the chemical sample for the analytical instruments.

Direct sampling from the process tank at temperature.

Facility Requirements

Input signal (tool ready) from host tool or fab automation

3" exhaust at 50CFM

Regulated D1 water at 3GPH

Regulated N2 at 20CFH

110 AC power at 10 amp

Chemical drain (minimum 3/8")

Dual encapsulation for chemical supply & return



APM, HPM, HCL, DHF, BHF, please contact us for others or specialty chemistries

Intermediate Mixing Tank:

20 liters, contact for customization needs

Dilution Ranges:

APM: to 1:1:300

HPM: to 1:1:100

DHF: to 1:10,000 (250 ppm)

DHCL: to 1:10,000 (250 ppm)


6 liters/min

NOTE: This can be improved by increasing the full scale range of the input device

Intermediate Mixing Tank:

20 liters, contact for customization needs

Concentration Control:

HCL Blend +/- 5 ppm @ 6 sigma level

SC1-H2O2 +/- .15 wt % @ 6 sigma level

SC1-NH4OH +/- .05 wt % @ 6 sigma level

NOTE: Limitations based on analytical instrument specifications and stability