Signifigant reduction of the cost of ownership by multiplexing individual tank mixtures to the analytical instrument one at a time for monitoring. Can be interfaced to a single wet cleaning tool with multiple tanks or with multiple wet clean tools in relatively close proximity to each other. Chemical sample lines are fed coaxially between the tool and the Multi-TAK system. Control I/O is interfaced with the wet cleaning tool to provide process acceptance within user specified limits, which can be different for each tank.

Additional Info

Ability to monitor up to 5 different chemistry lines.

Small footprint allows convenient installation behind the main processing tool in most fab grey area arrangements.

The multiple interface outputs can be interfaced directly to your factory host providing concentration data for SPC systems, while also providing direct hook-up to a local laptop PC for data capture and analysis.

Remote display screen is placed at the operator control station for the wet cleaning tool, providing concentration data, trend graphing, and alarm notification.

Can employ both Spectral & Conductance Analysis.

Serial & TCP/IP communication Recipes & Concentration logging software