The TAK Liquid Dispense Module (TAKLDM) & the TAK Liquid Dispense Module Plus (TAKLDM+) are turnkey solutions for implementing real-time closed loop control of multi-variant chemical blends to meet today's exacting (International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors) requirements in advanced semiconductor wafer cleaning & etching processes. Both the TAKLDM & the TAKLDM+ contain FractalFill™ Blending. The TAKLDM+ contains the same features as the TAKLDM but with the ability to supply chemical solutions to multiple tools. Both systems result in enhanced wafer yield, reduced process time & reduced cost of ownership.


Feed-forward/feed-back control.

CLC (continuous closed loop control)

Auto replenish of analytically confirmed & controlled blends.

Real-time closed loop control and dispense of dilute chemical blends.

Modular design: chemical blend, concentration and volume control with analytical and control hardware OEM flexibility.

Modules are stackable (footprint) or stand-alone.

Multiple interface ports for tool interface and factory host automation.

Can be integrated into any spray or immersion type cleaning systems.

System meets all industry standards for safety & ease of operation and installation.

CE, Semi S2 & S8, IEC, EN, F47 Certified

Additional Info

The wetted path components are all PVDF or PFA, and all tanks and manifolds are constructed with appropriate materials suitable for organic or inorganic chemistries.

Closed loop control is continuous and the control scheme allows the user to set very tight control actions.

A unique blending technique, the patented pending method is used to fill the reservoir so that exact blending is achieved during the volume fill sequence.

For spray systems, replenishment of the reservoir is handled "on-the-fly" with no interruption for processing.



APM, HPM, HCL, DHF, BHF, please contact us for others or specialty chemistries

Intermediate Mixing Tank:

20 liters, contact for customization needs

Dilution Ranges:

APM: to 1:1:300

HPM: to 1:1:100

DHF: to 1:10,000 (250 ppm)

DHCL: to 1:10,000 (250 ppm)


6 liters/min

NOTE: This can be improved by increasing the full scale range of the input device

Intermediate Mixing Tank:

20 liters, contact for customization needs

Concentration Control:

HCL Blend +/- 5 ppm @ 6 sigma level

SC1-H2O2 +/- .15 wt % @ 6 sigma level

SC1-NH4OH +/- .05 wt % @ 6 sigma level

NOTE: Limitations based on analytical instrument specifications and stability