Tres-Ark incorporates decades of semiconductor equipment and process expertise to provide component qualified products and platforms. Tres-Ark blending products are turn-key solutions for implementing real-time closed loop control and dispense of multi-variant chemical mixes to meet the exacting demands in advanced semiconductor wafer processes. Tres-Ark can also provide various levels of control packages to accommodate your blending requirements and process needs.


Ability to run multiple processes from a single host application.

Provides "at-a-glance" troubleshooting on a Windows operating system.

Visual indication of all input⁄output.

Remote "Lights-Out-Fab" control.

Has the ability to change recipes "on-the-fly."

Flowpath Logic.

Levels of Control

Level 1 Controller

Blind Blending (no feedback)

Auto replenish but no analytical confirmation

Level 2 Controller

Blind Blending (no feedback)

Confirmation of solution with inline analytical (QC function)

Level 3 Controller

FractalFill™ (feed back−feed forward control during blending)

CLC (continuous closed loop control)

Auto replenish of analytical confirmed and controlled solutions

Patents Pending

Database & Reporting


Easy to use data collection software.

Data importable for Reporting Tool use.

Reporting Tool

Streamlined workflow with graph-driven analysis.

Drag & Drop analysis; immediate feedback.

Statistical analysis functions such as control limit calculations, mean confidence, internal calculations, etc.

Interactive, flexible & easy to read graphs.

Import & export csv files or generate reports from a database.