AutoLytics Slurry Monitor

The AutoLytics Slurry Monitor is an automated sampling advanced chemical monitoring system for the semiconductor industry. Using TreLytics Systems spectral analysis, the AutoLytics system will keep customers informed of exact slurry concentration in real time. With automated sampling, accurate inline analysis of the slurry concentration, and quick data feedback, the AutoLytics will prevent scrapping of wafers due to slurry mixes being outside of critical process parameters.

The AutoLytics has serial and TCP/IP communication allowing alarms to be connected through dry contact, fab automation, HSMS, and SECS/GEM. Interfacing with control software and a touch screen Graphic User Interface (GUI), the AutoLytics will provide a complete, real time look into the chemical concentration, temperature and stability of your CMP process. A logging feature allows concentrations and recipes to be saved and analyzed using provided calculation functions.


Spectral Monitor

Touchscreen GUI with password protected Maintenance Mode

Built-in Logging Software to back up recipes and chemical data

Built-in Data Analyzing Software

Ability to pull off individual samples from the main line without affecting line pressure

HSMS, SECS/GEM, Modbus by customer request

Automatic Sampling & Remote Automation

Chemical Mixes

Slurry; Contact for specialty slurry mixes

Dilution Ranges

Dependant on chemical solutions and monitor

Solid STI: 0.5 - 2.5%

Solid Cu: 3 - 4.5%

Peroxide: 1 - 2.5%

Other CMP Slurries under investigation, including customer proprietary mixes.

Dual encapsulation for chemical supply & return

Facility Requirements


208 to 240 vac single phase, Full Load Current = 2 amps per module


60 psi ⅜"


60 psi ¼"


50 scfm: 4" connection