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Tres-Ark, Inc. was founded in 1988 by Chief Executive Officer, Gary Anderson. Since the company’s launch, Tres-Ark has been a leading innovator in the chemical materials integrity management industry. Providing engineering design and analytical services to customers, a fast responding service and technical support business emerged and eventually was incorporated in 1992. Tres-Ark became the HORIBA exclusive distributor for North America in 1988 introducing their line of chemical concentration monitors. Tres-Ark brought the HORIBA analytical instruments to a new market, and quickly contributed to making HORIBA standard product across fab lines in the United States and abroad.

Tres-Ark History

As the focus began to shift to the need for chemical analysis with blending and dispensing for nanometer device fabrication, Tres-Ark developed their patented line of chemical delivery and control systems which were well received in the field. 2003 began the start of FractalFilll™ Blending product development, which rapidly multiplied into a FractalFilll™ Blending product family of Point-Of-Use control, mixing and delivery systems that integrate directly into semiconductor fabrication lines. Currently, the FractalFilll™ Blending products in the field are producing industry first results in chemical blending and control.

This is the perfect vendor relationship, since the tool has not been down since qualified.

Prominent OEM Customers

This is the most manageable process tool I’ve ever worked with.

Prominent OEM Customers

Customers are receiving angstrom level control of their chemical solutions.

Prominent OEM Customers
A leading process manufaturer states that the TAKLDM with FractalFill™ Blending:

Facilitates 100% utilization of semiconductor wet etch/clean processing equipment.

Drastically increases the expected lifetime of its associated capital equipment.

Provides favorable margin in procurement cost of ownership modeling.

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